Whisper and shout  Modern language shows for beginners in French German & Italian


WHISPERANDSHOUT tries to be as flexible as possible but ideally would like the following..:


To set up our (3m long by 2m high) screen at the far end of the hall at floor level

To have the audience seated on the floor with a central aisle, with chairs at the sides for teachers

To have the use of one 13amp electric socket

To have 4 adult-size chairs 'on stage'

To have four PE benches (if possible) to mark performance area

To have 70 uninterupted minutes to set up and 40 minutes to clear



On the day,please, or soon after, by cash , cheque or bank transfer

Fees are, for shows on the same day in the same place ,

200 for one show

300 for 2 shows

400 for 3 shows...............

...each with a maximum audience of 200


Your comments on or after the day will be greatly appreciated.. and to encourage you, a 5 discount is given if you fill in and present the evaluation form on payment of the fee.

[With costs under 2 per head, a visit from WHISPERANDSHOUT might even augment dept. funds! ]

Mileage rate: 40p/mile.

NO deposit, NO cancellation fee

Invoice sent with confirmation


 Diana Humphrey.Cert Ed, B.A Hons, Licentiate G.S.M.D, Equity member, former director of the Society for Storytelling,UK,Enhanced CRB cert.


The Whisper and Shout Company,
2, Bridge Street,
Stroud GL5 3EP

Tel: 01453 750009 val

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